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Same score over and do you break out?

moriarty1moriarty1 Alum Member
in General 28 karma

Hey everyone, I’ve finished the CC and have been taking practice tests to apply what I’ve learned. Since I started the practice tests, I have scored a 161 on every. single. test. I’ve tried to go back and look over the lessons but my score still won’t budge. Advice on getting unstuck??


  • NerfThisNerfThis Alum Member
    168 karma

    I think when people get stuck at the low 160s is when the wrong answer choices start to reveal more of your shortcomings than the correct ones. It is also the time when blind review really starts to shine.

  • EagerestBeaverEagerestBeaver Alum Member
    703 karma

    Also depends on your section break down. If you are fluctuating across all three then consistency might be at play. If it's just one section then you can focus accordingly. An overall score technically marks your progress, but it does not say a lot about what is going on under the surface.

    edited June 2020 591 karma

    Review your wrong questions thoroughly before you take a new PT. Usually we make the same mistakes over and over again. It's important to recognize your mistake pattern and understand why you make the mistakes. Maybe you don't truly understand a fundamental concept, or your analysis somehow went wrong under time. If it's the former, go back to CC and relearn the concept, make your own examples to internalize the concept. If it's the latter, find out what happened under time, why you did what you did under time, what you should do next time to analyze correctly and efficiently.

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