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Looking for advice on developing a study plan for 2nd re-take

joshmcneillwebbjoshmcneillwebb Alum Member
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Hey there,

A little background on me. Started studying, full-time (forty hours a week) in November of 2019. I was scoring in the mid to high 160s consistently. I took my first official exam in January 2020--had a horrible test day and came out with a 164.

Started studying again, this time for about 20 to 25 hours a week, in April. I had five practice tests in a row where I scored a 174. Then I hit slump and my scores hovered around 170. I took the June 2020 Flex and scored a 170.

Looking to take the test one final time in August 2020 and hoping to score a 173. I should be able to devote 20 or 25 hours a week to studying.

I typically go from -0 to -3 on LR, -3 on RC (almost every time, which is frustrating) and logic games is a bit all over the place (when I'm in the right headspace I only miss 1 or 2, but sometimes have an off day where I mess up a whole game).

I've taken probably fifty practice tests, finished the core curriculum on 7sage, gone through the Powerprep books on LR and LG, and read the Loophole book for LR.

With only about 13 fresh practice tests, I'm unsure of how to best use my studying time headed into this last retake. For anyone that's been in a simular situation, what would you recommend? It feels like I need to refine rather than learn anything new so this go-around seems different than either of the previous two.

Thank you for any advice you've got!


  • seriouslyseriously Alum Member
    199 karma

    I haven't been in your position re: retakes, but I once saw a good post on the Top Law Schools forum about this. The general advice of the post seemed to be: really dig deep into your stats (i.e., the 7Sage analytics page), and hone in on what your problem areas are exactly. Then spend a TON of time drilling those areas.

    I would say just from reading your post, you probably could double down on LG. I think there's a difference between usually going -1 and -2 versus always going -1 with 5 minutes left on the board. I would say having an excellent grasp of LG is important to ensuring consistently high scores (at least that has been true in my experience).

    Hope this helps!

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