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acf111591acf111591 Free Trial Member
edited September 2013 in General 45 karma
Are we supposed to memorize our LSAC number to bubble in on the answer sheeT?


  • acf111591acf111591 Free Trial Member
    45 karma
    and we write the certification part in script or regular handwriting?
  • acf111591acf111591 Free Trial Member
    45 karma
    and one last question --everyone has the 4 same sections and different experimental sections but is the order of the scored sections the same for everyone? not asking because of cheating reasons just curious why our preptests are labeled section 1,2,3,4- or are these just arbitrary?
  • K SK S Free Trial Member
    86 karma
    you don't have to memorize it. it is on your ticket and they let you keep that. I asked the same question at a proctored practice exam. I believe they are not all in the same order. I don't know the answer to the script/regular handwriting but I assume you would just print (i don't know if this answers your question)
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