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Does anyone know the LSAT score conversion for the LSAT Flex since out of 75, not 100 questions

ZlawyeredZlawyered Member
edited July 2020 in General 140 karma

Hey there,
I was hoping someone can help me with the LSAT- flex score conversion. I wanted to calculate how many questions I can get wrong for a certain score, however the score conversion chart on the website is for the traditional LSAT (4sections) #help.


  • zgeller2013zgeller2013 Alum Member
    23 karma

    was thinking the same, taking the flex in august

  • zgeller2013zgeller2013 Alum Member
    23 karma

    my assumption is 25% less than typical amount since it will be missing 25% of the traditional test

  • mhf.andrewmhf.andrew Member
    207 karma

    There are also, I believe, multiple tests for the flex period that may or may not have the same level of difficulty, which means that how many you can get wrong depends on which test you get. For this time period there are multiple tests, with perhaps multiple scales. The sample sizes to determine difficulty are almost certainly a lot smaller than normal, as usually tens of thousands of students take any given LSAT, but I imagine that LSAT has enough reason to think that how well thousands of students do on a given test will roughly approximate how well tens of thousands will do on that same test.

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