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October LSAT study group to get from low 160's to high 160's

m.i.rivasm.i.rivas Alum Member
in Study Groups 203 karma


I took the June LSAT flex and scored in the low 160's. I'm hoping to get a 167 or 168 in the October LSAT. Since I'm retaking, I want to try something a little different in my study plan, and I'm thinking a study group would be helpful!

I'm currently in Texas (central time). Let me know if you're interested and how we should start (Facebook, Zoom etc.)!


  • 23 karma

    Hi there! I live in Texas as well and taking the October LSAT! I'm totally down for a study group!

  • heyitsjudyheyitsjudy Member
    65 karma

    Hey! I'm also taking the Oct, currently in the 16x range as well. Would love to join the study group.

  • brie.confusedbrie.confused Member
    65 karma

    Hey yall! I'm originally from Texas, but am living in Utah so I would be one hour behind. I'm planning on taking the October test as well! I've been averaging around 160 - 162 and would love to join a study group with you :smile:

  • LegalSeahorseLegalSeahorse Member
    60 karma

    I’d love to join as well. I scored 162 in the January LSAT and am planning to take October. I’m in Alabama so I’m CST as well. Count me in!

  • m.i.rivasm.i.rivas Alum Member
    203 karma

    Great! Message me your emails and we can get started!

  • tmh5947tmh5947 Member
    313 karma

    I’m also interested, please message me!

  • kchurichkchurich Member
    70 karma

    Hi! I'm in Chicago but I have the same goals and would love to join the group virtually!

  • ismaryj1ismaryj1 Member
    5 karma

    hello I am from New York and would love to join the group

  • taylornrosenowtaylornrosenow Core Member
    5 karma

    Hi there, I'm from Arizona and would love to join. I am in the high 160s and hopefully could be helpful!!

  • mmacnamara21mmacnamara21 Core Member
    48 karma

    Hey guys! Are you all going to prepare for the October LSAT assuming it's a Flex, or will you take full, 5 section practice tests?

  • Arvinm07Arvinm07 Core Member
    7 karma

    Hey guys I'm from NJ and would love to join as well!

  • Lawyer LoochLawyer Looch Alum Member
    105 karma

    Lets do it! I'm from Florida and would love to join.

  • m.i.rivasm.i.rivas Alum Member
    203 karma

    @morganungrady1 For now, I'm preparing like it's a normal test. Hopefully by the end of the month or early September we'll know. I'm thinking that it won't hurt to get extra practice if it is Flex. But if it isn't I don't want my endurance to be behind.

  • nomomnomnomomnom Member
    412 karma

    Hi I'm interested! I'm in pacific time zone but full time studying currently and can accommodate. Also scoring in the low 160s

  • lawaggielawaggie Member
    56 karma

    I'm also in Texas and would love to join the study group!

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