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Do I need to complete LSAT writing if I'm going to retake?

em2020em2020 Alum Member
in General 66 karma

I plan on retaking the LSAT in October, so do I need to complete the writing section for my first test? Or can I skip and just do writing on my second test?


  • runner1515runner1515 Alum Member
    80 karma

    There is now a new policy from LSAC that: "In response to feedback from our member law schools, we are reinstating the requirement that all test takers must have a completed LSAT Writing sample on file before they will receive their score for the August LSAT-Flex or future tests."

    Also, you only have to have one writing sample on file.

    To be honest, it might be worth it to get it out of the way! Only 35 minutes of time and you don't have to do that much prep. Just check out the pdf versions of the practice tests and scroll to the end where the writing prompts are & do a few practices.

    Hope this helps! Good luck on the October test!

  • em2020em2020 Alum Member
    66 karma

    thank you! really appreciate it :)

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