Do you want to be part of an LSAT Vent + Check In Group? Nov/Jan LSAT

Does anybody want to create a small LSAT Vent group? This is something different than a study group; we wouldn't study topics or questions. Instead, we would:

  • Meet weekly on zoom for about 45 mins (10 min max for each person to give an update on their process, plus a little in-between time)
  • Be about four people
  • Check in about how LSAT studying is going, or anything else in the law school application process, whether good, bad, ugly
  • Complain as needed
  • Gloat as needed
  • Share personal progress goals; check in about how we did in meeting last week's goals (yay social pressure)
  • Create a whatsapp group for more daily gripes, accountability needs and/or celebrations

People could obviously plan study sessions from there if desired. But this space would not be centered on studying, but on simple camaraderie: an outlet for venting, for hold ourselves accountable to personal goals, for celebrating growth, for voicing fears and frustrations, and basically airing out any other LSAT related thoughts with people who are also going through the process.

Probably we should be in a similar boat: I am studying 5-6 days a week, 4-9 hours per day. Reply or message me!

  • Mara


  • DaddyChillDaddyChill Member
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    I would like to join! I need people to bounce off ideas and such when it comes to law school, lsat, and the application process. I feel so alone in this right now but I am excited to be on this journey. At the very least, it would be nice to talk to someone about this journey :smile:

  • magdiel_kobemagdiel_kobe Alum Member
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    I would like to join. It would be nice to have someone to talk to about the LSAT!!!

  • tejpat717tejpat717 Core Member
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    I'd like to join!

  • rahazolfaghari8rahazolfaghari8 Core Member
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    I'd like to join!

  • 61 karma

    Sweet, ya'll. Please direct message me your phone number and I will add you to a whatsapp group to get started. -Mara

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