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How should I address my LG weakness during last two months before Oct. test?

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Hi everyone, thanks in advance for the advice :)

Brief background:
-Diagnostic (April) - 159; -14 LG
-PT 2 weeks ago - 163; -8 LG
-PT yesterday - 168; -8 LG

I have done the Powerscore Bibles and 7sage core curriculum and foolproofed about 80 of games PT1-35 so far. I spend 80% of my time on LG, as it is clearly my weakness. I usually miss a couple due to accuracy and then run out of time on the rest.

I'm planning to continue foolproofing 1-35 and take PTs 49-89 (every other) before the October exam. It also seems like a good idea to start taking full, timed LG sections, so I'll do that with 36-49 starting soon.

Other than continuing the foolproofing and taking LG sections, does anyone have advice on how to improve my LG score before the exam? Do I need to change my approach? I am thrilled at my improvement between the last two PTs, but I'm a little disappointed that I didn't improve in LG, since that is what I was actually studying 80% of the time; it was even as easier LG section.

Thanks to those who read this and good luck on your studies!


  • cheyballcheyball Member
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    Hi there! I was also struggling with logic games a lot, but I decided to take the LSAT Hacks Logic Games Mastery seminar. It's a little pricey, but if you can afford it, it might be super helpful for you. I went from missing 11 plus questions to only missing 5, and am improving every day. 7sage has been helpful for drilling games, but the seminar laid out a good foundation. The seminar gives some tips and tricks for how to speed up your process and improve diagramming techniques. Any way, worth taking a look at it if you are able to (:

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
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    Honestly, I dont think your doing enough of the recent games. Your missing -8 now because you are foolproofing the earlier ones. Dont sweat about it, continue foolproofing, and make sure to go hard on the recent games when you do PT

  • bananabobananabo Core Member
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    Don’t just foolproof PT1-35. I think you should be foolproofing the ones you’re taking timed too. Also, pay attention to why you missed a question (is it because you overlooked a rule, drew out the game board wrong, etc.). I think the best way to improve on games is to push out as many inferences upfront as possible before moving onto the questions.

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    Ok, thanks everyone! I'll start doing LG sections 36-49 (including foolproofing) and I'll foolproof every LG section I do on a PT.

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