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Conditional Sequencing Rules and their contrapositives in LG

microdynmicrodyn Monthly Member

I'm getting confused on how to write contrapositives with conditional sequencing rules on a one dimensional game board.

ex) if H before M then L before p

would the contrapositive of this be
If Not( L before P) then Not (H before M) which on a one dimensional game board would turn into
If P before L then M before H

or would it just be if the sufficient isn't satisfied the rule goes away and there is no contrapositive


  • noonawoonnoonawoon Alum Member
    3481 karma

    You have it correct. Unless there is a possibility of them being in the same position, then Not (L before P) translates to P before L.

    Think about it like this. If H is before M, then L must be before P.

    In your second example, you have P before L. Because you have P before L, you cannot have H before M. Otherwise the original rule has been broken. And again, if they cannot be in the same place, one must be before the other.

  • microdynmicrodyn Monthly Member
    6 karma

    thank you!

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