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Anyone used LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim?

johnnytsunamijohnnytsunami Alum Member
in Logic Games 86 karma

I loved that book as an overall guide and as a resource for RC and LR (my strengths) but I have not found its method (skill > memorization) to work for me in LG. I'm consistently running out of time by the third game and sometimes don't even make it to the third. Anyone been in my shoes?

I started with 7Sage like two days ago because I'm desperate to improve my LG and have started doing the 'fool proof' method of just repeating the same games or game sections over and over. Not sure if this will work but I'm giving it a whirl. I signed up for the August LSAT flex and have about two weeks left. My best PT is 161 and my goal is ~168.

Need advice on best ways to improve Logic Games!


  • vichinskyvichinsky Monthly Member
    481 karma

    Go through 7SAGE for the Logic Games they explain everything more clearly.

  • maxpikehmaxpikeh Alum Member
    19 karma

    I'm still a beginner but have found the method on 7Sage way more effective so far than with Mike's. LR and RC are very useful in there though!

  • Heinz DoofenshmirtzHeinz Doofenshmirtz Alum Member
    481 karma

    I love LSAT trainer but nothing improved my LG like the foolproof method on 7sage. Definitely go with 7 sage for LG

  • johnnytsunamijohnnytsunami Alum Member
    86 karma

    Thanks y'all! It sounds like 7Sage > Trainer when it comes to LG. So knowing that, and given I have about two and a half weeks before my first LSAT (ruh roh), would y'all suggest going through the course syllabus for LG or just focus on the fool proof method / rigorous drilling?

    When I review JY's video explanations for the games, I don't feel like I'm missing any core piece of fundamental knowledge, which makes me think I don't go need to relearn everything ... but ... idk

  • Law and YodaLaw and Yoda Alum Member
    edited August 2020 4256 karma

    I actually coupled LSAT Trainers LG techniques with 7Sage. Definitely used 7Sage more but I appreciated Mike's shape concept for similar elements. His notations are almost identical to JY so it doesn't hurt to keep reinforcing that page that has a visual of diagramming (common bases, assignment rules, ordering rules, etc).

  • lexxx745lexxx745 Alum Member Sage
    3190 karma

    7sage is king

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