RC- How to handle relationships in passages, and how to anticipate up-front?

I usually got -4 to -6 on RC, and -4 on the rest of other sections on PTs. I have significant improvement on the other two sections following blind review method, but Reading Comprehension is the section that I found no improvement after 2 months of full-time studying.

I saw people mentioned to figure out the relationships between various subjects and opinions and to anticipate the answer after reading question stems, but I found it very difficult to do so. I usually can get a fair understanding on the structure and any shifts from paragraph to paragraph, but I found it insufficient to answer inference questions.

There are usually at least 3-4 different subjects and opinions in a passage. The relationships among them are extremely difficult to keep track of. For difficult passages, the subject matters and different people's opinions themselves are difficult to understand, not to mention handling their relationships with each other. For example, in a passage (PT30, S3, P2) there is a debate going on about Greek Dramas tragedies written by an author X, and 3 scholars give different and distinct opinions on what lead to the consequences. When I read, I understood that there was a debate going on, and three scholars give different opinions about the same subject, which is Greek drama tragedies. But one question asks what is the difference between the opinions of scholar No2 and scholar No3, I can't summarize the difference, even after going back to read it one more time.
Convoluted answer choices add another layer of difficulties to the questions, which sometimes give me trouble, since I am not a native English speaker. But this problem is a minor one compared to the former. These all give rise to trouble when doing inference questions.

Does anyone have experience on improving skills on handling relationships and make inference upfront? Or any general advice on how to deal with these problems? And if any of you know a tutor can help with these issues, tell me please. I'd really appreciate your help, and thank you in advance.

Good luck studying, everyone!

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