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141 ---> 158: You CAN improve in less than 3 months!!!! I am proof!!!!

meghanelizabeth13meghanelizabeth13 Monthly Member
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As I sit here stunned by my LSAT growth on the August Flex, I wanted to give motivation to anyone out there who is trying to study for an exam less than 3 months away. So many people will tell you you're crazy or it can't be done in less than 6 months and I let that get to my head a lot. I know a 158 isn't the score I see people dreaming of on these posts but for someone who studied for 3 months and improved 17 points... I'd say I'm pretty proud

For reference- I started my LSAT journey in May, planning to take it in July. I was using Khan Academy and was working at the time so I wasn't holding myself to a rigorous schedule. Barely even breaking 150 by the end of June I realized I needed to make a change. The r/LSAT subreddit recommended 7Sage as a cost effective and efficient study plan. I decided to push my test back to August and committed myself to full time studying about 5 hours a day, completing a lesson a day, starting in July. I obviously skimmed some lessons and would only complete practice sets if I didn't feel comfortable with a topic. I didn't take any practice tests and just grinded through the CC for 1.5 months. My first practice test after completing a good amount of the CC was a 156. From there I only took maybe 5 more practice tests in the 2 weeks leading to my August test. I was very discouraged, I only started 7Sage 2 months before my exam and everything I was reading said I was doomed for failure.

Only on one PT I got a 159 but the rest of them ranged from 151-156. I felt so good on test day, Logic Games became my greatest strength through 7Sage but reading comp was hard since I didn't have enough time to practice it as I did for LG and LR. I figured my score could go either way so to say I was ecstatic seeing I got a 158 would be an understatement.

My biggest advice to anyone planning to study in less than 3 months- remember that it IS possible. Everyone learns and improves in different capacities. If you're using 7Sage or any other study plan, I recommend reviewing every lesson but only honing in on practice sets on lessons you don't feel too good about. I know everyone says practice is key and you have to do 15+ PT before test day but that's not necessarily true. Play to your strengths. I found conceptualizing lessons and understanding what a right answer looks like in every context was crucial to my understanding, and not necessarily practicing.

Thank you 7Sage, I cannot recommend this LSAT prep course enough. Thinking like JY was truly a game changer on test day. Good luck to everyone out there going through the LSAT process. It's rough but just know that sometimes the time you put in is not as important as the quality of your study hours.


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