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How to Prepare For The Writing Portion On The Lsat

alexanderthegreat4-2-1-1alexanderthegreat4-2-1-1 Monthly Member
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I still don't have a writing portion done on the lsat, I was wondering if anyone had any tips, or helpful videos for doing this portion.


  • SandwichelleSandwichelle Alum Member
    234 karma

    Hi! It's pretty simple and straightforward. They give you a scenario with a choice and you argue for one of the options. I think I just searched youtube (nothing specifically memorable) In my opinion it was a complete waste of time, lol. It's so simple and we have so many other opportunities to showcase out writing and reasoning during the application process and LSAT. But seriously, don't stress. It's a piece of cake. You can make some notes, you get spell check and 35 minutes to make your point. You'll rock it!

  • jmarmaduke96jmarmaduke96 Alum Member Sage
    2885 karma

    I actually was having similar questions. I took a look at several old writing prompts and they are very brief. So clearly we must be able to bring in outside information as long as we clearly state in our argument the information so that there are no missing necessary assumptions or anything. So, as long as we are making a "good argument," the sky is the limit?

  • Frenchy555Frenchy555 Alum Member
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  • alexanderthegreat4-2-1-1alexanderthegreat4-2-1-1 Monthly Member
    460 karma

    Thank you all for the help!!

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