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Posting on Behalf of a 7Sage User: Question on Advanced Premise & Conclusion

Juliet - Student ServiceJuliet - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
edited September 2020 in General 5740 karma

[I am posting on behalf of a 7Sage user. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you for your help!]

"On Lesson 16/18 we were taught that another person’s argument or POV is not the conclusion. However, on Lesson 17/18 some of the conclusions to 2/5 questions were from another person’s POV, i.e., “They concluded” and “some believe”.

I’d love it if anyone can help clear up the confusion."


  • Avatar RokuAvatar Roku Member
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    Hi there,

    I hope I'm not late. Yeah I definitely have seen those around in LR. However, often times, the other person's conclusion is generally the conclusion of the stimulus when the author doesn't provide his/her/ their own opinion. Because I've seen LR questions like that where the author doesn't provide their own opinion, rather just explain the opinion of the other person.

    But, when the other introduces a transition word like, "but, however, rather, etc." almost always the author provides their own conclusion.

    I hope this helps.

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