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PT stuck in 163 before October LSAT. Retake?

isaaccccc03isaaccccc03 Member
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I got 163 in my first take in August LSAT and continue to stuck in 163 in PTs. My LR is usually -4/5 but my LG and RC fluctuate between -3 and -8 depending on how the test goes. I'm really frustrated because each test there's always that one section that I would miss -8 or so (sometimes I could -2 in LG but -8 in RC and other times -3 in RC but -8 in LG). I really don't know how to improve except for keep taking more PTs because I fell like I know all the fundamentals in LG and generally if the game is not some curveball weird games I could perform well (-2 or so). Should I retake in the upcoming October LSAT or push back to November? I can't decided mainly because I want to apply in this cycle and not being able to get an ideal score until the end of November makes me nervous about the application timeline. In the meantime, I don't see how I could get a score significantly better than my average 163 in October which is less than 10 days.


  • geoffrey1987geoffrey1987 Member
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  • detroit_suzukadetroit_suzuka Alum Member
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  • cjb297cjb297 Member
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    Well, I may be incorrect but isn't the signup period for the November test already over?? In any case, a 163 is not a bad score. Anything above 160 is considered "good" in my book. Are you intent on going to a t14 school? If so, is your GPA 3.8-4.0? If you answered no, then I would say a 163 is a perfectly decent score which can get you accepted at the vast majority of law schools in the US. I am taking the November LSAT, with my most recent PT being 164 (sorry don't mean to "one-up you at all), and I would be perfectly content if I end up getting a 163 on the real thing. Cheers and good luck!

  • FindingSageFindingSage Alum Member
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    I am not sure what your goal score is or how far away from it you are, but it sounds like your August LSAT reflected where you are in terms of PT scores.
    This isn’t necessarily a bad thing ( you are aren’t significantly underperforming your average PT score). At this point I don’t think it is realistic to expect to learn much or make a massive score jump in about a week BUT if you instead wait until November I believe you can make a good score jump with your logic game score specifically.
    During this next month instead of taking PT work on fool proofing games from the older PT’s (1-35). You want to work on remaining calm and finding a way to try to solve the game even if it isn’t exactly the way that JY tackles the game initially. Getting your LG score more like -0 to -3 could make a good difference to your score versus -8 on a bad section.
    And for RC you can also make some improvement there, work on completing a passage or two a day, you may even do some without time initially to focus on accuracy before adding back in the timing element.

  • isaaccccc03isaaccccc03 Member
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    Thanks for the encouragement! I have a question about why everyone is talking about fool-proofing LG 1-35 instead of the later ones like using the 40s and 50s as the drilled sections? For the other question, I intend to go to a T14 and my gpa is currently 4.0 at UCLA. Chances of getting into T14?

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