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What do you do after a day of studying?

E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
edited September 2013 in General 377 karma
As those of us who have been studying for the LSAT for 6 months + know, the lsat does not allow you to make commitments to other things that take up your time, such as full time job, bodybuilding, Grand Theft Auto 5 etc, . After studying 5 hours a day for the whole week, feeling like I need to take a mental break this friday night. However, I know that partying till the AM hours is not a good idea when prepping for such an exam. How are most of you getting your mental breaks?


  • KK Free Trial Member
    345 karma
    Battlefield 3 for 1 hr before I go to bed. 10:30-11:30

    My reward for a day of study, work, etc.
  • Paige HammerPaige Hammer Free Trial Member
    26 karma
    House of Cards on Netflix. Best decision I made this week!
  • E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
    377 karma
    House of cards is such a great show!
  • James DeanJames Dean Free Trial Member
    297 karma
    I work full time and lift 5 days a week. You stand corrected. Lifting is my escape. It helps control all of the negative side effects of intense lsat training.
  • Lia LiuLia Liu Free Trial Member
    13 karma
    League of Legends, exercise, or sauna. All good for stress relief.
  • E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
    377 karma
    What is this League of Legends you speak about?
  • KK Free Trial Member
    345 karma
    Its a video game. Has a terribly toxic community though so unless you want to deal with horrible people I'd suggest staying away from it.
  • Kyle JanzenKyle Janzen Free Trial Member
    17 karma
    After a day of studying, I hit the weights! Honestly, it's a reward to myself for staying focused. Unfortunately, I used to hit Xbox Live for an hour, but then it turned into several. I've since distanced myself from playing video games. Besides, if I get into Law school for 2014, I'll have a couple months of free time to play as much as I like :)
  • Litian.ChenLitian.Chen Free Trial Member
    136 karma
    gym and TV shows...lots of new seasons coming back this week :)
  • E.T.90066-1E.T.90066-1 Alum Member
    377 karma
    Yeah, I have been hitting the gym, but it's hard to lock in 5 hours of study and go to the gym. But I must admit, I love hitting the gym after 3 hours of good studying.
  • KK Free Trial Member
    345 karma
    I played the Battlefield 4 beta yesterday. Feels good to finally have some fun lol.
  • jinjung27jinjung27 Free Trial Member
    2 karma
    Just pleasure read whatever genre you like. It keeps your mentality safe.
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