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Took the October flex... should I cancel my score?

rpark1027rpark1027 Alum Member
in General 45 karma

So I already have two LSAT scores: 161 and 168. I was scoring high 160s and early 170s on my PTs in preparing for the October flex and aiming for a T 14 school.
But during the first section (LG) I made a stupid mistake and kinda completely lost control over my head. I had a semi-panic attack and legit had to focus on breathing for a few minutes during the entire test. I'm pretty sure that I won't get an over 170 score nor somewhere even close to high-160s, so I'm really confused as to whether I should cancel my score.
Do you think I should cancel? I've heard canceling is for pretty dire situations, but I'm still a bit shocked from how terrible my October experience was. Is it better to have taken the LSAT four times and show score inconsistency, or have three scores with one cancellation?
would appreciate any and all advice!!


  • LogicianLogician Alum Member Sage
    2459 karma

    The only time you should cancel is if you’re absolutely certain you made a detrimental mistake that’s going to prohibit you from achieving your score. As humans we’re often our worst critics and our minds tend to over exaggerate how bad we did. So no I wouldn’t cancel, especially since schools only look at your highest score.

  • rpark1027rpark1027 Alum Member
    45 karma

    Thanks, yeah I don't think I'm gonna cancel. I think I just panicked about having the record of taking the test more than three times.

  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Alum Member
    edited October 2020 2054 karma

    Whether or not this merits a cancel, given the criteria for cancellation mentioned by @Logician is going to be up to you. Other factors to consider would be are you determined to enter law school this cycle or might you want that additional take (I'm not sure what the Covid era limit is) in the future? If your choices are only cancel and apply this cycle or not cancel and apply this cycle I wouldn't cancel. Even if you bomb you have two other reference points. If you are planning to take it again or several more times to get the best score you can for next year it might require more thought.


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