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Score Preview: Should I delete my score?

creid7498creid7498 Core Member
in General 29 karma

Hello. I scored a 163 on the October Flex. My GPA is fairly unimpressive so this score is too low for the schools I want to apply to. My goal score is 165+ and I likely won't send an application until I achieve that score. With that being said, is it in my interest to keep the 163 or delete the score from my LSAC account? Are there any advantages/disadvantages to keeping it? Please advice!

Keep or delete score?
  1. IF I plan on taking LSAT until I score 165+, should I keep or delete a 163?62 votes
    1. Delete it
    2. Keep it


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8198 karma

    If you can absolutely exclude needing that 163 for an application, as in it might as well not exist for you application purposes, and it is not on the higher end of your range, I'd get rid of it.

    We all know high score matters, but you can't rule out the subjective appeal to a reviewer of a single killer score. Not that you couldn't get the same small boost from a reviewer who appreciates the dedication to try again for a higher score, but I'm assuming you paid for the service for this particular situation no?

    OTOH, if this is on the high end of your range or you could possibly throw an app out with this score, " I likely won't send an application until I achieve that score" you aren't hurting anything (enough to matter IMO) by keeping it.

  • creid7498creid7498 Core Member
    29 karma

    I appreciate the thoughtful response. 163 is literally my exact average score so it isn't low or high. My only hesitation is that perhaps in November I score a 150 and am unable to apply this cycle. How much of a boost is the single score would you say in comparison to two scores?

  • jesskess04jesskess04 Core Member
    53 karma

    I saw that deleting the score shows to schools that you deleted it.163 is only 2 points below your goal. That being said, I'd rather the school see improvement in my scores than have admissions guess that the score was much lower.

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    edited October 2020 8198 karma

    @creid7498 said:
    How much of a boost is the single score would you say in comparison to two scores?

    Negligible. High score is what matters. No one at medians is getting donged because they have a lower score from a previous take. I mean you may still get donged but it won’t be for that. I just think you cant completely discount the potential appeal of a single take dope score. As @jesskess04 mentioned, you’ll still end up with a cancel so the difference is even narrower. Far down on the list of things that matter on your app... especially with multiple takes being more common.

    I think January is still perfectly viable for this cycle if you bomb November. I’d rather have median+ in February than sub-median in November without question. I think it just comes down to whether you’re ok applying with a 163 or not. No - cancel. That’s what you paid for I assume. Yes - keep it as a backup. It’s a very respectable score. Not sure what your goals are but that could get you a full ride at a lot of strong regional schools.

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