PT 57.S1.Q11 (G2) - auditions on wednesday and saturday

zythus.tcszythus.tcs Free Trial Member
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I watched the 7Sage video for this particular game but fail to understand a particular rule.

The rule was O1-R1-R2, which made O only possible on wednesday OR thursday. However, why isn't O1-O2-R1-R2 possible, that is, having O on both wednesday and thursday before R1 and R2?


  • johnscottwilsonsr499johnscottwilsonsr499 Free Trial Member
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    O1-O2-R1-R2 is possible, but that is not the rule. The correct order (if this is the only rule) could be O1-R1-R2-O2. If you wrote down O1-O2-R1-R2, you could miss a possible correct answer.
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