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Thank you JY and the 7Sage community. It's been quite a journey and I'm happy to say I'm closing this chapter. To people still studying, my piece of advice is to trust the process and stay consistent. Take advantage of the resources we have here and connect with other students. Feel free to pm me for any questions/advice and good luck to you all! :)


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    Can I ask how long that took you? I am facing massive burnout on my end. I went from a 146 last Jan, to taking the Flex in November (while PT'ing 150s) and got a 144..Feeling discouraged and it has become hard to concentrate on the lessons again. Any advice on how you got to 161 from 144 would be greatly appreciated! Along with how long you studied for.

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    hey so how long did it take you to get your score up so high? when did you notice real changes?

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    I started studying during the summer of 2019 to apply for the 2020 cycle. I took the January test and after getting a 157, I went ahead and applied with that score. Come summer 2020, I didn't get into the schools that I wanted so I went back to studying for 2021 cycle and got a 161 this past November. To sum up my time of studying, I would say about 8 months. If you're feeling burnt-out, I think the best thing is to take some time off of studying and reassess your weaknesses. A lot of this test is repetition. I did the exams from 59-87 three times each. Don't feel discouraged. With practice and time, you can do it!

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    So awesome!!! Congrats

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    About 8 months. I noticed the real change once I kept drilling the logic games and making notes of my mistakes in LR. Keeping track of similar types of LR mistakes across tests allowed me to jump my score.

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    Definitely take breaks you guys, your mental health will thank you.

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