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Never thought I'd be the one posting something like this, but dang it, don't give up until you get it! You can do it!


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    Mind sharing what your study schedule/strategy was? What materials did you use and how long did it take you?

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    @slcaldwell82590 My first take was in May 2019 and I scored 175 on the November 2020 LSAT. I did a little bit of Blueprint but spent most of my time on 7Sage (studied hard on that for about 3 months). At the end, I really honed in on RC bc that was my worst. For LR, it was kind of a matter of just doing a ton and getting really familiar with the questions

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    Congrats on the amazing score!! Could you share any tips that helped you improve your RC?!

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    @r.e.w1640 congrats on that killer score, that's awesome!! Do you have any tips that really helped you improve on RC? That's my worst section right now and would appreciate anything that might help!

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    @r.e.w1640 thanks for the info! Congrats on the amazing score!

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