My LSAT score is way below my PT average - any tips for studying?

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This is my first time posting here, so if I violated some rules/norms, so sorry!
I got my second LSAT score back in November, and for a second time, it was much under my PT range. The first time, it was only 4 points under, which was reasonable enough that I thought it was nerves. The second time, I knew I made a critical mistake on a LG, but I thought I pulled out with roughly a 168-170, which was around my PT average. Instead, I got a 162 for the second time.
I have no idea what went wrong, other than the LG and missing some time because of it, but that wouldn't account for that large of a discrepancy. I did study content right before for my peace of mind, so maybe that played a role in confusing me or something.
I'm taking it again in January as a last-hope effort, but I am unsure how to proceed because I don't know what I need to correct.
For reference, LR is usually my best with LG being a struggle with time, and RC can be its own devil sometimes. I don't have averages on hand, but if that's needed, I figure those out.


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    Same thing happened to me. I'm making 2 changes this time round:
    1) taking PT's noisy/ higher stress situations to simulate the nerves I've experienced during the test
    2) incorporating a beta blocker to help with test day anxiety

    It's the nerves that killed my score so I'm hoping this works.

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    I'm not sure about general advice because it's hard to say without knowing more, but if you don't do a warmup/study content right before in your PTs, I don't think you should do that for the real test. I could definitely see how that could end up confusing you (or even very very moderately contributing to test fatigue because you didn't go in with a fresh mind). Definitely try to keep whatever you do on PTs consistent with the real test! I never did a test warmup for either PTs or real test and that worked best for me.

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