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What do you guys do when you take a break?

ehgjslWkdehgjslWkd Alum Member
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Like for instance, 50 min studying and 10 min break. What do you do during this break? and why? I sometimes end up taking a nap for hours when I just tell myself to lie down for 10 min. Do you have any recommendations for things to do during break time? Thanks!


  • SRV_LawyerSRV_Lawyer Alum Member
    75 karma

    What do i do? I personally window shop online at my favorite retailers lol
    What should one do? Go for a walk, grab a snack, or maybe even go grab some coffee from your favorite coffee shop. Whatever you do, get away from wherever you study and take a breather! That's whats most beneficial!

    If you're falling asleep during your breaks i'd say turn those breaks into coffee breaks!

  • edited December 2020 10 karma

    Put Your Favorite Song That reminds you why ur studying the LSAT !!!
    I recommend Charlie Puth look At me Now :smile:

  • mellomelmellomel Alum Member
    292 karma

    I recommend meditation. A couple minutes each day does make a difference!

  • BigJay20BigJay20 Member
    437 karma

    Take a short walk. While it will eat into your break time, it's better than falling asleep

  • Nadzter19Nadzter19 Monthly Member
    123 karma

    I personally do 35 min studying and 5 minutes break intervals to work on my focus for the test. I do small chores around the house but put an alarm to remind me to get back to studying.

  • Auntie2020Auntie2020 Alum Member
    edited December 2020 552 karma

    Maybe you could download a pomodoro timer! It is 25 mins of work and then 5 mins of rest

    I have apps called Focus Keeper and Forest that does this

    I didn’t read this properly lol. So when I take breaks I watched some youtube videos or clean. For longer breaks I bake or take naps

  • Law and YodaLaw and Yoda Alum Member
    4283 karma

    Honestly sometimes I just gotta dance it out like no ones watching😂 it adds a bit of fun in the middle of studying and definitely releases stress. It also helps me feel more aware afterwards(I use to fall asleep studying too lol)

  • Kaluza - Klein TheoryKaluza - Klein Theory Monthly Member
    105 karma

    I usually read a snippet of a book or learn something new just to keep the stimulation within my brain engergized so when I get back to the LSAT I am able to use this sense of stimulation to devour the questions and dissect logic games, and reading comprehension. Meditiating is very helpful as well as visualization techniques. For instance when using visualization imagine yourself as a hawk the apex predator and your flying through your territory and all of sudden you see an open window.( Please close your eyes with this exercise) You fly through this open window and transform into a human but 5 years from the present. Ask yourself where are you ? What are you doing? Who is around you and what has changed around you in the scenery. I do this exercise another time for the 10 years increment of life and it helps to remove the anguish I have and come back to the test feeling reinvorgated. Also breathing techniques can help in your confidence.

    Kaluza Klein Theory

  • kilgoretroutkilgoretrout Alum Member
    795 karma

    meditate, go for a walk or do some chores around the house (just something to get you up and moving), eat a healthy snack, have come coffee. just something so you dont feel like your ass has been glued to a chair all day

  • dutchiebrowndutchiebrown Alum Member
    170 karma

    I usually go outside and go for a walk, listen to music or watch a favorite tv show and enjoy a snack or tea.

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