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Posting on Behalf of a 7Sage User: Brute force most of the time instead of making worlds?

Theo - Student ServiceTheo - Student Service Member Moderator Student Services
edited February 2021 in Logic Games 851 karma

[I am posting on behalf of a 7Sage user. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you for your help!]

Is it possible to brute force most of the time instead of making worlds? Is it possible to just make inferences/deductions and go for the questions. Some times I can make worlds and it makes sense but some other times, I'll watch and rewatch JY's videos and the worlds don't stick with me. What should I do? Just go about it the way that feels most comfortable and use the videos as a guide or just try and train my mind to how he teaches it?



  • Sailor Moon LSATSailor Moon LSAT Member
    200 karma

    I would keep watching the videos and redoing the games until you get better at making worlds. Sometimes you will need to brute force, but the more you make worlds, the more you will become familiar with inferences, which will help you in the long run.

  • Herk DriverHerk Driver Member
    26 karma

    Your most valuable resource is time. The primary disadvantage to brute force is it absorbs time. If you are able to make an inference or reduce the number of worlds, you gain a distinct edge going into the questions. Still, if brute force is working for you within the test time constraints, then perhaps spend your study time on areas where you are weaker.

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