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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

DrackedaryDrackedary Legacy Member
in General 239 karma
I'm looking at getting this tablet, mainly so I can study on the go. Has anyone any experience using 7Sage on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4? Are 7Sage videos and the app compatible? I never owned a tablet before, which is why I am a bit worried about that. If it's not compatible, I won't bother with it. Thanks in advance.


  • pseudonymouspseudonymous Alum Member Inactive ⭐
    edited May 2015 521 karma
    I like 7Sage on its mobile platforms :-) Both my iOS tablet and Android phone work fine with the app and videos. It's great for having something to do in queues and at bus stops.

    If you do end up getting a tablet, I highly recommend the Notability app (haven't tried it on Android, but it's great on iOS) -- free installation and works beautifully with a capacitive stylus... it's absolutely invaluable to me for doing drilling exercises over and over again without needing to kill an entire forest or file twenty million binders. Just for exercises and previously answered questions, mind, fresh PTs and problem sets are necessarily confined to the world of pencil and paper.
  • jim-1jim-1 Alum Member
    71 karma
    7Sage works on my android tablet, but you need to install the app. The chrome browser would not play the videos. I quickly found that the course has very limited utility on a tablet. Watching the videos is fine, but rarely am I just watching the videos without referring to PT questions. I like to watch and have the PT in front of me at the same time, and of course for practicing you need paper and pencil anyhow. If I had not already had a tablet (which was a cheap converted NOOK ereader) I would not have bought one just for this.
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