tips for studying until getting my score + tips for retaking?

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I just took feb yesterday and don't feel super great about it. I have been PTing around 168-172 but am not confident in how I did yesterday. Usually LG is my strongest and I bank on -0 in this section, but I was rocked by a tough game (and also wasn't even loving how I felt about the other 3??). LR is also usually a solid -4 for me but I really don't feel well about yesterday's LR. There were a few questions that I couldn't quite pre-phrase ( ugh AND i even changed a couple of answers last minute which I neverrrrr do 🤢🥴). and of course, RC, sweet RC, the only consistency in my LSAT journey has been that no matter what, RC will always be a surprise for me. Yesterday was no exception. I had just recently gotten really scientific about mastering RC in the same way I had been with the other sections, but going into the test I knew that section had the most room for growth. Post-exam, I am feeling like my mechanics are good but that I was a little nervous and could've had better instincts overall, but especially in LR.

Seeking tips from people who have retaken the exam before. How did you reuse materials? How much time did you give yourself before taking the exam again (1 month? 3 months?)? Any other things you wished you had known going through the retake process/studying after your first LSAT?
I have been studying since May 2020, used a really great tutor but ultimately stopped once I got into the high 160s because it was really expensive, but really helpful. Used & loved Ellen's loophole + 7sage for videos, analytics, and occasional fundamentals refreshers. Goal score is 170+..... Seeking all the recs, tips, and advice. Thank you :)

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