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I'm doing better than I had anticipated. Could I ask a high scorer to read something for me?

CardsnHogzCardsnHogz Alum Member
in General 168 karma

I started 145 and my goal was 155. I'm now PT'ing in the low 160's with skipping a full logic game due to time. I can do them, but I've not yet truly practiced LG yet. I wrote a little reflection on my progress and some kind of SWOT analysis and am curious if I am just absolutely crazy or not. This whole thing is crazy honestly. 150 was unattainable and was a struggle. Then I quit PT's and just worked fundamentals for two months and boom. I skipped the 150's and am now scoring in the low 160's.

If anyone who has experience with going through the 160's and into "that next level" is bored, I'd greatly appreciate your opinion. I just don't want to post it publicly. Thank you.


  • cwlawlawcwlawlaw Member
    29 karma

    Feel free to message me! 172 scorer

  • snowcap007snowcap007 Member
    180 karma

    Definitely practice LG so that you can finish that last game. Once you’re done with that, fix any outstanding issues in LR. I found that working on LR also increased my RC score.

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