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2 months until test day, how to get to consistent LG mastery

alienman1000alienman1000 Monthly Member
in Logic Games 135 karma

Taking the June LSAT, I want to ensure that I get LG mastery on test day, or the closest thing to that. Timing wise I am fine, but I usually am getting 5 wrong per lg section and I am not weaker at any one type of game per se but make dumb mistakes along the way that cost me questions. How do I get complete accuracy until test day? Do a section per day? What else? Thank you in advance for any response.


  • Burden.of.FloofBurden.of.Floof Monthly Member
    1041 karma

    Film yourself doing everything. It has helped me so much. It took me from -10 one week to -0 the next. Full disclosure: I had been going -2 - -3, but the -10 threw me for a loop and I started making lots of silly mistakes because I wasn't confident. Filming myself doing drills helped tremendously... I watched the footage back, taking notes and making goals for the next game set. Even my -0 test wasn't perfect, which is the great thing about filming yourself... I was able to go through the footage and figure out how I could have done things even more efficiently.

  • LawyeringForLife-1LawyeringForLife-1 Alum Member
    279 karma

    I see you have been here for a year so I am sure you know to fool-proof.
    I was in the same boat doing -8 consistently.
    I did some fool proofing with Pacifico's method and I got to about -5, but was super frustrated with being stuck there. I realized In/Out games were huge drag, so I took that list that is in under the explanations (the one that groups examples by levels of difficulty) and drilled that over and over for 3-4 days. I focused on attempting to follow JY's inferences, BUT because I had done some consistent full-proofing before, when I focused on this, I was able to ignore the time pressure and focus on the higher-level tricks that JY uses, as well as, trying different high-level approaches than JY for the same questions. I made it a point to start scanning the answer choices and initially ignore those containing floaters on MBT/MBF qs. I made a point to use the rules to eliminate certain answer choices or to find the correct one, instead of brute-forcing.
    You will have to figure out the variation that works best for you, but that last bit with the In/Outs for me got me:
    1. PT -1 or 0 on new test
    2. 10 min to spare when doing PT that has games I have already drilled.
    3. If I can't trigger a "good habit" response to a game and I get stuck, I skip, because I have plenty of time to come back and brute-force my way back to proper inferences, if need be.

  • A. LordeA. Lorde Alum Member
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    . following .

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