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New high score of 159! PT 41 Thanks 7Sage!!

hrjones44hrjones44 Alum Member
edited May 2015 in General 323 karma
I took PT 41 today and scored a 159! i have yet to BR and am feeling conifdent that my scores will steadily rise from here! That's my highest score for the third consecutive time! this one 5 points higher than the last! ( 144 diagnostic to 159 , 6.5 months with 7Sage)


  • hrjones44hrjones44 Alum Member
    323 karma
    even if i backslide i know i'm still far from where i can be! feeling hopeful ! THESE METHODS ARE SOLID, TIME is the most important thing , as in hours logged .
  • justrandomjustrandom Alum Member
    343 karma
    CONGRATS! That's awesome! You should feel very proud
  • hrjones44hrjones44 Alum Member
    323 karma
    Thank u this forum site has been very inspirational as well!
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