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Less than 3 weeks left, what habits are you focusing on?

EmergingAttorney180EmergingAttorney180 Alum Member
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For anyone preparing to take the June exam, or has taken an LSAT exam in the past: what are you doing (or have you done in the past) to prepare at this point, beyond your normal studying? Personally, some things I've focused on are:
1. Being alert and prepared mentally around 12:30 every day, regardless if I'm working, studying, or even enjoying a day off. For me, this requires getting good sleep, eating a good breakfast, and getting adequate exercise.
2. Making time for rest and relaxation in these next couple weeks. I've accepted the fact that my score won't be hugely affected by any last minute studying in the nights before the exam, so I made sure to plan only light/moderate studying during those last several days before the test. Spending time with friends (not including going out and partying) is also included in my plans.
3. Simulating test conditions more accurately, including always using the LSAT proctor, using an analog watch, and testing/studying at around 12:30 (if life allows).

I'm curious to hear what everyone else is doing to prepare themselves for the exam. I'm also curious as to how everyone plans to approach practice tests in the next several weeks. Do you plan on saving some of the most recent ones you have access to for the last week until the test? Do you plan at taking any at all that week?


  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
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    Just practicing how to put on a diaper and then wearing a diaper during PTs so I can relax enough to go while testing... It took a little getting used to since it's been a good thirty some years since I had to wear a diaper but I think I'm getting the hang of it pretty well... I found this video really helpful in choosing the right approach and ultimately went with an almost identical pair as he showcases in the beginning:

    hahah jk... I'm not testing til October so obviously I'm not PTing in adult diapers... yet...

    Good luck!
  • AlexandraAlexandra Alum Member
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    omg hahahaha
  • ddakjikingddakjiking Inactive ⭐
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    Aside from obvious studying, focusing on staying healthy while still working out.
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