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Having trouble with In/out games

in Logic Games 108 karma

Hello, im having trouble grasping In/out games and theory. Does anyone have any tips or what helped you get a better understanding of them? Thank you so much!


  • kkole444kkole444 Alum Member
    edited May 2021 1687 karma

    the biggest thing with In/out games is the conditional logic; knowing when rules trigger versus when they do not trigger/fall away. And to be able to that fast, you need to know the 4 groups of conditionals and what they do. group 1 sufficient: all, any ect, group 2 necessary: if only, only ect, group 3 negate sufficient: without, unless ect, group 4 negate necessary: cannot, no, none, not both.
    also should know the bi conditionals, forever together and forever apart. along with De Morgan's law.
    there are things after learning that will help you with speed and accuracy, like when one group if full then we know every single game piece that is left will go into the other group. But inferences like that are second to learning the foundational logic.

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    honestly the best thing that helped me was making a separate distinction of the two groups a simple line or box separating the in vs out players helps me visualize better.

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    thank you both so much for your tips!!
    did you use any outside material for these types of games or did you fully learn them on 7sage?

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