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Does it make sense to do the longest (as in most questions) set first in RC or LG?

raqraqraq7raqraqraq7 Member
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Was wondering how people do this. I have recently done the first RC/LG, and then go to the longest one. then do the rest.


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    edited May 2021 8192 karma

    I think it's just a factor to consider. If you are considering relying on this as a primary strategy, that kind of indicates (just making a big assumption here) that your current level is such that hard game or passage with more questions is not someplace you want to be fucking around in just bc it has more questions. We should strive to be a bit more nimble or agile when encountering content... if you sense you're missing a key inference in a game or element in a passage's reasoning structure, the fact that it has more questions may in fact support skipping out of it, or at least transitioning to an alternative strategy, for instance running a game as rule driven instead of split boards. It's basically the same way you run your attack in LR, but applied across a different landscape where you don't get a complete reset each question. Of course an 8 question level 1 passage or simple sequencing game would be an ideal scenario where we try to blaze through and grab our points as fast as possible, but at what point are you recognizing it's this vs a harder game or that it only has 5 questions? Are you even seeing all of this to begin with? Ultimately we should, but as a product of mastery and comfort operating within the environment of the test... not as a trick to try and make things easier for ourselves.

    Remember that scene in Fists of Fury where Bruce Lee lights up the entire Hongkou dojo? Or Enter the Dragon when the shit starts to go down? Or any fight scene in a John Wick movie? Thats how we want to be... in control and confident in our abilities. We've mastered the range of tools and strategies and can apply them in varying configurations, reacting to whatever the test throws at us and engaging with the content... not allowing it to "happen" to us and hoping we make it out ok. Maybe I'll elbow this guy, and roundhouse this one... maybe I don't have time for this guys crap so I'll just toss him to the side and catch him on another round, and for these other two I'll take out the nunchucks. I'll catch a punch or two and maybe get clipped, but overall my mastery of a range of skills allows me to prevail. We don't know what the test will throw at us, but we know what it can throw at us... which means no matter what happens, we're fine.

    Just my opinions.

  • tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Member
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    Amount of questions tells you nothing about the difficulty of that passage/game. You want to tackle what is easiest for you first in order to maximize points. It's better to start something, sense whether or not it's too time consuming or difficult, then move to something else if it is too time consuming or difficult.

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