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Use up or not use up?

ts3514ts3514 Monthly Member
in General 32 karma

I have almost done all of the practice tests from PT 19 to PT 88. Currently, I only have two tests fresh. However, I'm still not scoring at my target score. But I have registered for the June exam. I wonder whether I should take the two tests that I have left, or save them for August to evaluate my ability before the August test? And working more on retaking some of the practice tests that I have taken before. Any suggestions would be welcome.


  • pestroidangopestroidango Alum Member
    32 karma

    You could save them and work through the pre-19 tests instead. They may be different (esp in lg) but not enough to render them useless

    1946 karma

    at this point of your prep (with that many pts taken already and if you are already set on taking the june test) , i would save those two;
    i'd use them when you really need to accurately gauge where you're scoring and need to decide whether you'd like to take the august or future exams.

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