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LR fluctuations 2 weeks out from June test

autumn.ames23autumn.ames23 Alum Member

I am scheduled for the June test and just completed a prep test yesterday. I am always content with my LG score and my RC has gotten better. However, I got 14 wrong on the LR section. It seems like LR has gotten worse for me. 14 wrong?? Im in need of useful tips or strategies I can implement in these next two weeks as it is the one thing keeping me from my goal score.


  • dean.napolitanodean.napolitano Monthly Member
    13 karma

    Maybe spend more time on less questions to get a higher percentage correct.

  • mreed29mreed29 Monthly Member
    26 karma

    Do you notice there is a pattern with the ones you are missing? Are they certain types of questions or clumped together?

  • autumn.ames23autumn.ames23 Alum Member
    251 karma

    @mreed29 i have noticed a pattern of getting a chunk in the middle wrong and the last 4-5 questions as well.

    I can definitely see my weaknesses are flaw, MSS, strengthen, and RRE. However, I have no idea how to increase my accuracy within the next 10 days

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