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Does the LSAT writing portion matter?

Youyang LiYouyang Li Member
edited May 2013 in General 68 karma
How much does the writing portion at the end matter? Does anyone really "study" for it? IS there a way to study for it?

Pretty much everyone I know studying for the LSAT kind of just ignores this part... I know it gets sent to law schools and that LSAC doesn't grade it....I've heard that it's not that important since law schools know it's placed at the end of a tough, long test... and that they have a better example of your writing in your personal statement.


  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    13442 karma
    I think you have a very good understanding of it. It's written, so cross outs and other editorial marks are to be expected.

    I "studied" for it the day before the LSAT. Just make sure you make an argument for the position you choose (from the two given to you to choose from). Acknowledge possible counter arguments, assumptions made, etc. and stay within the bounds the question sets out. Basically use the skills you've learned to analysis LR arguments and apply them to your own arguments.

    I know admissions officers say they read them, but they kind of have to say that.
  • Mark RobinMark Robin Member
    40 karma
    I took a somewhat different approach. Once I read through the basic concept and how selection criteria are provided, I just use the commute downtown now and then to write out a 2 page essay 1-2 a week to pass the time.
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