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What to do if you run out of PTs?

sujin91282sujin91282 Alum Member
edited October 2013 in December 2013 LSAT 9 karma
Hey people,

Wanted to get some advice on whether or not it's helpful to re-do the PTs that you have already done once...?
It obv cannot accurately measure what you are scoring, but it must be helpful in some way?
Any advice / feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you,



  • alexanderalexander Alum Member
    81 karma
    Unless you can score a 180 on the tests you previously took there should be things you can learn from them. But if you finished PT 1-69 (great job btw..) then I think it might be better to make problem sets from the questions/games you got wrong and do those
  • sujin91282sujin91282 Alum Member
    9 karma
    Thanks for your advice!
  • emmajoru1emmajoru1 Free Trial Member
    37 karma
    The guy in this video claims to have gotten a perfect 180 and did so by redoing about 20 different practice tests repeatedly (there were only about that many PT's available when he was studying).
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