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Was using LSATMax till I finally decided before the test in 2 days to switch to this course.

lbrownshplbrownshp Member

Plan is to take my real "high-scoring test" in August and this is like a mid-way test. I saw that my PT's were hitting 162's and 163's when my goal is really above 165 this Saturday. My score splits are really annoying, I might be working too hard but recently they've kind have gone down the drain. When I was working LR sections last week the worst I was seeing was -5/-6 and a decent amount of -2/-3's but today I hit a -9 and I've had a few -7/-8s recently. What is really annoying is that I did a -5 on RC today which is good for me, usually I am around -6/-7. A few days ago I hit a 164 with a -3 on LR and a -4 on LG and a -7 on RC, I had not worked on LG for probably 2 weeks at that point and it clearly reflected, I probably should have refreshed my mind before that test. My logic games are usually around -1/-2 but I have pretty much run out of sections so I have been reusing a lot of material. Can I have some advice for this weekend, and even some advice for getting that 172+ in August?


  • lbrownshplbrownshp Member
    8 karma

    P.S been working at around 3-5 hours a day since the April Flex date. Only missed 2 days due to extensive air-travel.

  • havinagrattimhavinagrattim Monthly Member
    94 karma

    Don't take the June LSAT. You shouldn't take it if you're not scoring where you want to be scoring

  • valeriehevaleriehe Alum Member
    148 karma

    I disagree with ""havinagrattim"'s suggestion. If you are aiming for 172+ and your current PT is around 165, it is prefect fine to take the exam, by fine, I mean it won't have a negative impact on your applications. In fact, I will argue you should, since experience taking real exam will help you better prepare for future ones.

  • lbrownshplbrownshp Member
    8 karma

    Just -2ed a LR section the same day I -9ed one, doesn't make much sense to me!

  • ishaw18ishaw18 Monthly Member
    edited June 2021 112 karma

    @lbrownshp said:
    Just -2ed a LR section the same day I -9ed one, doesn't make much sense to me!

    I've had this happen to me too. What I equate it to really just the need for more practice. The real test will not care if you have gotten only -2 on PT's. I would recommend to keep on working, like I am myself, until you are truly getting consistent results at where you want to be. :smile:

  • lbrownshplbrownshp Member
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    Update: Got a 165 on June, pretty good half way indicator for August I'd say!

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