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When is the best time to take the LSAT?

massi044massi044 Member
in General 4 karma
So I have just begun studying with this program the last couple weeks. Originally, my goal was to take the LSAT this upcoming October, but after the first few lessons, I am worried that I will not have enough time for it. I thought about pushing the date I take it back, but I have also read that the sooner you apply to law schools, the better chance you have getting in and receiving financial aid. So I am torn between giving myself more time for prep and taking it sooner so I can get my application in sooner.
Any advice?


  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    when you're ready... There is still plenty of time to improve and get to where you want/need before October so dont stress yourself out too much. Just keep at it and put as much effort into it as you can and you will see improvement. If it happens to get close to Oct and you still find yourself not ready enough and realistically dont think you will be ready THEN you decide to push back
  • nicole.hopkinsnicole.hopkins Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    7965 karma
    Yes, take it when you're ready and you're 100% sure you've maximized your potential. For some, this is 3 months. Well, for a few, I should say. For plenty of us it's 18 months.
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    @jdawg113 is right on the money. With over four months to go you can't really have a good sense of where you'll be in October. Just plan for October to motivate yourself and if you're not ready then don't take it. A great December test is much better than a good October test when it comes to scholarship money. If you have to push back, just make sure that all your apps/PS/LORs/etc. are ready to go so you can simply submit everything as soon as you get your December score back. That way yo
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