Canceled Due to Broken Computer :( Free Group Session for LR (Wednesday 6/23 9PM EST)

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Hi everyone!

I'm a consistent high 170's-180 scorer that's been tutoring for around 6 months now. I hope everyone who's currently taking the June test is doing well, and congrats for finishing!

This sesh is more for people who are targeting the August test, and is generally geared towards all skill ranges, but primarily focused on beginners. If you were on the discussion forum a few months ago, you may have seen this post before - the lesson is essentially going to be the same thing, but do stop on by if you want to do any review on formal logic or LR approaches.

I'll be holding the session on Wednesday 6/23 9PM EST. It should go on for around 1.5 hrs, or so, and I'm going to be covering formal logic in the LSAT + a systematic approach of looking at it. This will likely be review for many!
Afterwards, I'll be going through an LR section and talking through my approach, while also taking questions. If you want to follow along, please have PT20 S1 in hand.

Join the following zoom link @9PM EST Wed 6/23
with password 686121
Conf Id 552 864 7080 also works with the same password. Thanks, and see you soon!

If you can't make the time, I'll try my best to schedule a second session, so please let me know.


  • riverLetheriverLethe Member
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    Thank you!

  • taiga_aisakataiga_aisaka Core Member
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    I just did the first 3 topics of LR and jumped to LG, can i still join?

  • lsatpatternslsatpatterns Member
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    thank you!

  • jwk291291jwk291291 Member
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    @everyone I’m so sorry but I don’t think this will be happening this week anymore. I’ll be pushing it a week because my computer, which I use to do all this stuff, is completely out of order. I’m so sorry :(

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