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Searching for study budy (or tutor) for next few months

bstampflbstampfl Alum Member
edited July 2021 in Study Groups 34 karma

Hi all, I am currently in the 172-175 range for PTs but have not been able to do as well on the actual LSAT. I have taken the real thing multiple times and my high is a 169.

I am looking for a study buddy or tutor, if available, with whom I can talk about the LSAT, run through problem sets and individual Qs, etc.

Is anyone interested? It would probably be best if it was someone scoring in the high 160s or higher.


  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Alum Member
    1488 karma

    Just a suggestion, but I find teaching to be one of the best ways to learn, especially given the level where you are PTing. I have worked with folks both at my level and below, and I actually saw a bigger score jump working with folks scoring in the 150s as I had to really crystalize my own understanding in order to relate that reasoning to others. That's just my .02, but it might be really helpful for you as well!

  • Jean-LouisJean-Louis Monthly Member
    edited July 2021 5 karma

    Would love to get together. Where are you located? East Coast or West Coast?

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