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Should I cancel my August registration?

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Hey all. I'm writing to ask for some advice about the upcoming August test for which I'm registered. I've been studying for about 9 months and for most of that time, I saw a significant increase in my score. I was testing consistently twice per week with PT60s and PT70s and getting a few points above my target score. Now that I'm testing in the 80s, I'm scoring well below where I was in the PT70s. Logic Games have stayed consistent (-3/-4) but my LR and RC went from around (-3/-4) each to (-9/-10). How is that even possible?

I've read lots of posts about how the tests don't change much and they're scaled accordingly, but I am honestly convinced that the PT80s LR and RC sections are significantly harder than the PT60s and PT70s. The questions are more challenging, and the wrong answers seem way more tempting and way more difficult to parse out. Is anyone else finding this to be the case?

I'm seriously considering cancelling my registration, because if I'm testing this poorly 2.5 weeks out, I know it'll only be worse come actual test day. sigh


  • mattsaysmattsays Member
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    I just wanted to say that I've also been experiencing more difficult LR questions on newer (70s/80s) than the practice questions given on 7Sage. I haven't finished the course to be fair, but that's been my observation.

    I wish you luck on whatever decision you make though! I think you should decide how much of a loss you're willing to take and when you're applying to law school. Might be worth hiring a tutor to pick apart some of the questions that you're not getting.

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    Hey! I agree with you. The LR/RC questions are challenging in the 80s. Whether or not to cancel your existing registration is up to you, but I will say that the underlying concepts are the same as the earlier PTs so you might be able to adapt quicker than you realize.

  • melwoodsmelwoods Member
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    I had the same problem. I was consistently improving until I got to the 80s and my scores started to drop. I definitely died inside when that happened and I needed to take a break. I rescheduled from June to August. After I regrouped, I picked up the Loophole and that helped me a lot in LR which is easily my worst section. Things are looking up and I feel fairly confident going into Augusts' sitting. You know you best so if you aren't feeling good about it right now then maybe the best choice is to delay until October, which should give you some time to improve and also maybe take a well deserved break. =]

  • valeriehevaleriehe Member
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    Don't do that! You have more than half month left and the time is sufficient to adjust to PT80+ mind set. PT80+ focuses on abstraction and nunce, kinda of a different focus than previous PTs. But the skills are the same.

    It is normal to be in a shocking mod and exprience lower score (I have been there, now I actually like 80+ more than previous PTs). Don't let the lower score deter you, LSAT takers must be brave enough to confront with you weakness/fear and persistently getting to the roots of the questions.

    For August and October exam, PT80+ (after 83) is the best exmaples to give you a taste of what you can expect at exams. So use them wisely, get to the roots of the questions!

    You will do great! Upset is only temporary if you don't let it threaten you.

    Also luck is part of the exam, if you can have more opportunties to take the exam, take it

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