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Ctrl-F search for reading comp August 2021

nodetailsnicolenodetailsnicole Monthly Member

I heard from previous test takers that you can use ctrl-f on the lsat, I've been using it while doing reading comp and it really helps! I just wanted to make sure I won't be penalized for using it on the actual test, does anyone have any insight on whether it is actually allowed for the august exam?


  • autumn.ames23autumn.ames23 Alum Member
    251 karma

    I used it on the june flex

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Alum Member
    1488 karma

    Absolutely fine, ctrl-f away, my friend!

  • CashhhyyyCashhhyyy Monthly Member
    583 karma

    Yup, you can use it :D THANKS FOR REMINDING ME

  • CashhhyyyCashhhyyy Monthly Member
    583 karma

    What questions on RC do you find useful to use this?

  • riverLetheriverLethe Alum Member
    43 karma

    Questions that reference a specific term or phrase

    340 karma

    Command-F for macs. Thanks for posting. I've never used this when doing RC, but it's nice to see this is an option.

  • justin44justin44 Alum Member
    17 karma

    Is the August LSAT not in person though?

  • csharm002csharm002 Alum Member
    352 karma

    @justin44 said:
    Is the August LSAT not in person though?

    No. The LSAT will be online through next June and the foreseeable future.

  • Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
    1417 karma

    For those that used command F for macs and control F for PCs, did you keep control F/command F tool up until the end of the test or can close it after RC?

  • zoomzoomzoomzoom Alum Member
    462 karma

    You will not be penalized so go ahead and do it!

    But I do think LSAC is aware of this supposed advantage so do be mindful they may twist things up a little. What I mean by that is that they may use synonyms or so in the answers so that you can't just Cntrl + F everything. They have to make it a little interesting. It's one of the observations I noticed when doing RC in the 80's.

    So go ahead and use it but just be mindful of what LSAC may potentially do!

  • Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
    1417 karma

    Thank you @oychoi79

  • CoffeeLsatRepeatCoffeeLsatRepeat Alum Member
    25 karma

    could I use command + F on LR as well?

  • LattechocoLattechoco Yearly Member
    57 karma

    OMG how do they not tell us this!?

  • mkchahalmkchahal Monthly Member
    edited August 2021 15 karma

    I gave my exam yesterday and used it without any issues. You will be good! 👍🏻

    Also, you will be taking exam in Chrome so any option you use in that outlay will be available. Though they will be recording your screen - do not open another tab or use thesaurus option to look for meaning.

  • Law schoolLaw school Monthly + Live Member
    156 karma

    How do you use this ctrl-f in LSAT/RC for your advantage?

  • HoRangYiHoRangYi Member
    71 karma

    @frank dawson. for instance, when you can't match the possible AC with the passage, you can look up the key word to re-read that part.

  • Jonathan-7Jonathan-7 Alum Member
    2 karma

    @"Frank Dawson" said:
    How do you use this ctrl-f in LSAT/RC for your advantage?

    “All the following are discussed as to reasons why X should be adopted by the council EXCEPT:”

    Ctrl-F and if you find 4 there in that context, then it’s the one you don’t.

  • CAlexL14CAlexL14 Monthly Member
    19 karma

    God.....what did I miss!!!!

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