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What do you guys predict in terms of how hard it will be in comparison to June 2021?

rizmollyrizmolly Member
edited August 2021 in August 2021 LSAT 16 karma

I took the June 2021 test and the reading and logical reasoning didn't seem too bad, but the logic games seemed very difficult to me. I'm taking August test next week so overall how do you guys predict the games section on the August 2021 will be in comparison? What about the entire test in general? Also the curve for the June test lowered a lot of people's scores, do you guys think the curve will be more in our favor for August?

August 2021 Test
  1. Logic Games + Overall test difficulty12 votes
    1. Easier
    2. Harder or Same
  2. Curve12 votes
    1. Better curve
    2. Same or worse curve
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