PT60.S3.Q24: Help.

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If anyone decides to help me out, please read everything I have asked because I feel that 95% of the comments I get don't answer everything I ask and I often leave with the same number of questions. And yes, I have already looked at Manhattan and Powerscore and LSAT Hacks and the comments AND the previous threads involving the same question before posting here. I always do.

My big problem with the 7sage explanation is that JY concludes that the conclusion: "no mark of success" means UNsuccessful and I think that is too big an assumption to make. My interpretation of the conclusion is that we cannot tell whether or not an underground group is successful or not based on sales alone because weak and strong sales don't mean the underground group is successful, even if weak sales is something these musicians desire.

That is why I had trouble picking B even though the premises match perfectly. I just have issues picking an answer choice that concludes both strong and weak sales indicate that the underground group is UNSUCCESSFUL when the stimulus only stated that we wouldn't know whether said group was successful from sales.

I found C incredibly attractive but it only does half the job. It does not connect the premise involving possible incompetency or the music being TOO trendy to the conclusion regarding how to gauge an underground group's success.

If anything here is wrong, please correct and tell me why it is incorrect.

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