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Trending in the wrong direction on LG-- #help for October!

laurennnnlaurennnn Member

Hi you legends,

Backstory: Cold diagnostic 161 in April. Then my dad almost died of a heart attack. Fortunately he made it through, but I spent May-Aug caring for him/my mom, working full-time, and studying on the side.

Did CC. Got down to -1/3 on LR, -1/2 on RC. Good enough there. Taken 6 PTs so far, have been scoring 168/9.

Sat the Aug LSAT bc in the haze of everything w my dad I forgot to cancel; scored a 165-- low for me.

LG is the problem. I started at like -11, did some of the early problem sets and then sets from PTs 40-63. Got it down to a pretty regular -4. But now things are trending in the wrong direction. For the past 5-10 sets, have been missing more questions... like back up to -7, not finishing sets on time, etc.

A few questions:

What timing strategies do you all use for Logic Games? Unlike RC and LR, I never finish sets early, and rarely even finish with enough time not to have to guess on the last (or, more recently, last 3-4) questions.

Are the LG in the 60s harder, and that's why I'm battling?

Is my regression burnout? (Caring for a sick parent + working more than full time + finishing a book with an academic press + studying for the LSAT has obviously made for quite the year.)

Did anyone have any experience with excellent LG tutoring? I am in my 30s/unmarried so obviously paying for this ~jOuRnEy~ myself, but at this point, I'd be willing to shell out maybe $200 for some excellent private tutoring that really brings my LG score consistently into the -3 range.

Thanks for all your feedback. 7sagers are the sole positive thing about this whole LSAT trash!


  • mkdioceemkdiocee Member
    79 karma

    Hi! Obviously I can't entirely put myself in your shoes, but I would guess that your LG regression is due to burnout, at least some of it at least. As far as dealing with the regression, I would recommend taking a break from your studies, at least for a day or two, if not more. I personally find that helpful when I am struggling with something. As well as this, I would try and rework the games untimed. Are you making silly mistakes? If you had a consistent -4, I would imagine that that's the case, since it sounds like you know the material.

    As far as a timing strategy, I try to make sure I'm not spending too much time on one question, or one game. If I notice myself getting wrapped up in a question, I'll guess (so at least there's an answer and at the very least your guess may be correct) and move on. By doing this, I can get to all/most of the questions, and confidently know that I've answered a majority of them correct (I'm also pretty consistent with a -4, -5 LG).

    I hope this was somewhat helpful, and good luck!

  • pestroidangopestroidango Member
    32 karma

    I am in a very similar situation, and I am just scrambling. Be good to yourself, test day can be unpredictable. Good luck

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