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Is there new content or is it all the same content in a shinier package?

__Juan____Juan__ Alum Member
in General 184 karma
I purchased the ultimate edition a while back. Today I found that there is a bunch of uncompleted content in sections I had previously completed. Is this all brand new content or were the lesson unticked when they were updated? Also is the new locked content part of some super mega ultimate edition package add-on? Thanks.


  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    I assume the first question is referring to the new problem sets for LR. As far as I can tell at the moment, it looks like they went back and extracted more questions from PTs 1-35 to create more problem sets in each section so its more complete. The old problem sets that appeared when you first bought the ultimate pack are at the end of the curriculum before the PTs. They have since adjusted the total time and percentage completed as I was previously at ~90% after finishing everything in my ultimate pack except for the personal statement bundle. Now I'm at ~64% since I haven't done any of the new problem sets.

    As for your second question, I'm curious about this as well because I previously had 100% unlocked as I bought everything before the PDF ban, but every time that I've logged in over the past week there has been between 2 and 19 hours locked. However, when I go to the add on page there is nothing more to unlock. I'm guessing it's just a product of some behind the scenes development and that once all is said and done they will make an announcement and then we will all know exactly what's going on.
  • Alan CheukAlan Cheuk Administrator
    3063 karma
    @juan_name the problem sets are new (and packaged better), and some of it is old. @Pacifico is right on the button that we are going through PT 17-35 to extract the questions in a more systematic way. Before we had a loose selection of questions from PT 10-35 making up the problem sets.

    The old problem sets were created without LSAT Analytics data, but now that we have information available, the new problem sets will use pretty much every question from PT 17-35 (way more questions than before). They also slowly ramp up in difficulty, so the early problem sets are the easiest ones, and then you slowly get to the harder ones.

    Right now for the new problem sets Premium students get easy problem sets, Ultimate students get the easy and medium problem sets, and a TBA course level will get the easy medium and hard problem sets. The new problem sets also incorporate the LSAT Analytics data to make reviewing your answers easier.

    Existing students get to keep access to the old problem sets (under "Old Problem Sets"), and get access to new problem sets if Premium or higher level. There is overlap between the old and new problem sets, so if you try both, you will see repeats.

    We are still in the process of migrating. We've got the LR ones pretty much done, but are still working on RC and LG.

    @Pacifico noticed a bug where Analytics wasn't linking to explanations ( That's not a change but a mistake (sorry!). I'm working on it :)

    I hope this helps clear things up!
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