Curve Reality for Digital LSAT - Question for Admin maybe

Hi friends, I see 7sage has the LSAT score simulator where you input the number of errors and get the LSAT score of the latest PrepTests. It then gives you a score probability. However, I've heard that the new curves are brutal, perhaps due to there being more applicants, to Flex, or even to people having more study-time.

With that in mind, is the 7sage predictor accurate? When it says "latest" PrepTests is it referring to the ones available on 7sage or to the actual ones dispensed by LSAC? The latest PT on 7sage is May 2020, so it is barely taking into account COVID Flex Tests. This could mean that the simulator is outdated and off by now since there's been a drastic increase in test-takers and good score since 2020.

I think it'd be good to know for many of us what actually constitutes a 170 this year. Is it -7 or -6 even?

Thank you!


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    It'll probably be between -6 and -9 depending on the curve. Hard to say. I personally think the curve will be somewhere in the middle for my test. It had some pretty challenging curve breakers (imo) but overall didn't seem to be a particularly difficult test.

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    Hi @"Nico Martin Merlo",

    The score conversion tool available on the Dashboard provides an average score for the most recent PrepTests currently available on 7Sage.

    However, the score conversion table varies from LSAT to LSAT. You can see the score conversion table for PrepTests up to May 2020 on this page.

    Also, we're currently trying to figure out what the most recent percentile conversion is. Here's what we have so far based on the the results of the August 2021 LSAT:

    180 - 99th (confirmed)
    179 - 99th (inferred)
    178 - 99th (confirmed)
    177 - 99th (inferred)
    176 - 99th (inferred)
    175 - 99th (confirmed)
    174 - 99th (confirmed)
    173 - 98th (confirmed)
    172 - 98th (confirmed)
    171 - 97th (confirmed)
    170 - 96th (confirmed)
    169 - 95th (confirmed)
    168 - 94th (confirmed)
    167 - 93rd (confirmed)
    166 - 91st (confirmed)
    165 -
    164 - 87th (unconfirmed)
    163 - 84th (confirmed)
    162 - 82nd (confirmed)
    161 - 79th (confirmed)
    160 -
    159 - 73rd (confirmed)
    158 - 69th (confirmed)
    153 - 51st (unconfirmed)

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Thank you so much! This is very helpful. I appreciate your efforts in trying to figure this out!

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