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How the 3 Section Exam is scored

NoobMaster69NoobMaster69 Alum Member
in General 25 karma

Hey guys.
Since the start of the 3 section/1 unscored section LSATs, how is it graded? I recently saw someone say that the scoring is not the same, so to put my score into the 7Sage calculator isn't an accurate reflection of my score.
Kinda worried here, anyone have any knowledge about this?



  • Cherry - 7Sage Student ServiceCherry - 7Sage Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
    486 karma

    Hi there,

    The Flex Score Converter is based on having the same raw to scaled conversion table, but scored as though there was only one LR section (one half of the usual amount) with the raw score scaled up to account for the reduction in the number of questions. Because no one outside of LSAC knows how the scoring will actually be done, this is just an educated guess.

    We're currently trying to figure out what the most recent percentile conversion is. Here's what we have so far based on the the results of the August 2021 LSAT:

    180 - 99th (confirmed)
    179 - 99th (inferred)
    178 - 99th (confirmed)
    177 - 99th (inferred)
    176 - 99th (inferred)
    175 - 99th (confirmed)
    174 - 99th (confirmed)
    173 - 98th (confirmed)
    172 - 98th (confirmed)
    171 - 97th (confirmed)
    170 - 96th (confirmed)
    169 - 95th (confirmed)
    168 - 94th (confirmed)
    167 - 93rd (confirmed)
    166 - 91st (confirmed)
    165 -
    164 - 87th (unconfirmed)
    163 - 84th (confirmed)
    162 - 82nd (confirmed)
    161 - 79th (confirmed)
    160 -
    159 - 73rd (confirmed)
    158 - 69th (confirmed)
    153 - 51st (unconfirmed)

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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