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Study Schedule- Possible to "Peak Too Early?"

KristinaKristina Alum Member
edited October 2013 in General 68 karma
Hi, I'm not sure if I'm shooting for Feb or June 2014. (Ideal timing for my life right now would be an April exam, sheesh.) I'll make that call at the beginning of Jan (obviously by Jan 7, 2014). If I go through all the material and "use up" my PTs as if I were writing in Feb, but then do not register, am I hampering myself for June? What level of studying (hours per week) is typically needed to keep the high-scoring momentum going?

I've wrestled with nervousness/anxiety in the past and do not want to feel excessive time pressure. (Yes, I realize the irony of what I just said. I do understand that "managing time stress" (both acute and chronic) is a necessary skill that the LSAT and law school both test. I'm just trying to find my most effective pressure sweet spot here people!)

If, by January, I realize that I will not write Feb, would it be better to preserve unseen PTs by re-doing old ones until April/May? Is there such a thing as stretching your studying out over too many months?


  • KristinaKristina Alum Member
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    Thank you, Nilesh for your reply! I'll check them out.
  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
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    I haven't read their other stuff, but I strongly disagree that 3 months is optimal. Instead, I think 3 months is minimal.

    They cite "major prep companies" say 3 months. As an appeal to authority, they picked a pretty bad authority. "Major prep companies" are in the business of charging thousands of dollars for inferior curriculum that is actually bad for you.

    They don't have statistics (I don't think anyone in the industry does) and neither do we. So, until we do, it's mostly judgment and anecdotes. I've seen way too many students study for 3 months (full time) and it wasn't enough. They studied more and they improved.
  • KristinaKristina Alum Member
    68 karma
    Further, their recommendation for that 3 month period is 3 hours/day.
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