PT58.S1.Q11 & PT62.S4.Q19: Anybody willing to lend a helping hand?

Ashley2018-1Ashley2018-1 Live Member
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I honestly didn't see the flaw when I first did this question and am wondering how people who did see the issue manage to go about solving these questions.

Are these two questions basically twins? Or are they different? If they are different, how are they different? I honestly got them mixed up and got both incorrect and I think a large part of it was because of my pre-phase. My pre-phase going in was just all because you have an imperfect correlation doesn't mean there is NO causal relationship. For the question in PT 62, I narrowed it down to A and B and was unable to tell the two answers apart.

I also watched the video explanations for these so there's no need to put the links here, admin!

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